About Mistress Santos

I'm a 25 year old woman, but in some respects I'm mature beyond my years.  Born and raised in London, to a large working class family, I am the oldest of 7 siblings, the rest all boys. Irrespective of circumstances I graduated with an Economics masters from a leading London University. My whole life I have had to assert myself amongst men in the home, work and university. So you see, dominating men comes naturally to me, I get what I want when I want - there is no discussion.

How do I get what I want? I use my divine femininity, the power of a soft voice, the allure from my sweet smell, my large breasts and ass to enchant you, you will bend to my will. I have a vast understanding of BDSM practice, I breathe femdom in my own personal life. What I cherish most however, is the true connection I obtain with my slaves, submission is not synonymous with cruelty and I care for my slaves and sissys.

When I am not taking sessions and have time for myself, I enjoy travelling and gaining more cultural awareness. I love to go shopping and enjoy the luxury lifestyle, I am happy my career has afforded me this. The question I suppose now is are you ready to submit?